Saturday, May 7, 2016

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Shards of glass
Scrape my feet
Causing them to bleed
This is the boulevard of broken dreams

Shards of expectations
Fanatical scenerios
Being who you imagined you were
Who you wanted to be

But now this dark place
Full of screeching banshees
Dark gnarled trees
And thick clouds

Those broken shards of glass
Piercing your feet everything you walk
Are all your dreams
And fantasies

This is your boulevard of broken dreams

Police officer

Those were the things you wished to be
Dreamed to be
But now they lay at your feet
Broken. Beyond repair.

Jagged and sharp
High like barbed wire
They stretch for miles
Miles and miles upon shards

Broken dreams
And expectations
Epic fantasies that never came to be

This is the boulevard of broken dreams

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