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100 Writing Prompts (1-50)"

*Collected from Pinterest and various websites. Please enjoy. 

1. You find out that pills you've been taking since childhood to supposedly help your weak immune system actually suppress your supernatural powers.

2. Write about a character who finds themselves trapped within a burning building. The catch? Just as they think they're about to die-they're enveloped by the flames and warded from further damage. Double catch? This character had no idea, but they're the descendants of a forgotten race.

3. A young child builds a time machine and attempts to undo the fights and affairs that led to his parents divorce.

4. A depressed office secretary behind having strange dreams where she is floating over the surface of the planet. She waves oceans into existence, and creates mountains with a thought. She spends her days trapped behind a desk and at night, she is a goddess.

5. She could never get used to the cage.

6. You work in an office with a superhero who thinks he/she's hiding his/her identity. Everybody knows and covers for him/her, even when he/she regularly lets it slip by accident.

7. A fair has come to town with a strange funhouse. Inside is a mirror that shows the viewer the last thing they'll see before they die.

8. Everyone carries a mark that tells the number of lives they have lived. Write about a character who hides the fact that their mark is an infinity symbol.

9. Instead of having laws controlling the population, each person has laws assigned to them specifically. Some people aren't allowed to murder, some aren't allowed to wear green. They forgot to tell you what your law was, but your forty seven and you still haven't broken it.

10. "Dance with me and pretend the world doesn't exist," he pleaded. And after that, there was no going back.

11. Start your story with this sentence: The world did not end in a bang, or a whisper, but rather, one scream at a time.

12. In the end, they were all made of flesh that can be cut, and bones that can be broken.

13. You find a stack if "Missing Persons" news clippings under your parents' bed. All with your photo.

14. Every person has a certain word that, if spoken aloud in their presence, will cause them to die instantly. While cleaning out an abandoned storage unit, you stumble upon a book that contains the name of every living person-and also reveals their death word.

15. When someone's heart breaks so does a piece of our world; this creates fissures, valleys, and even cracks in the pavement. Tell the story behind the Grand Canyon.

16. Every hundred years the Seven Deadly sins meet in hell for a tournament. The winner earns the right to be humanity's most prominent sin until the next tournament come around.

17. A gifted writer creates a best-selling novel called The Saddest Story. Anyone unlucky enough to read it commits suicide.

18. She distanced herself, to save herself.

19. Describe a wedding from three different points of views.

20. Use the lyrics of your favorite song as the basis for a short story.

21. He found the journal on the train

22. She pulled the knife from her chest and smiled. "Was that supposed to hurt?"

23. The rain was warm and heavy, falling slowly as he walked the streets.

24. There was something about him. Something about the way he watched me.

25. With that, she walked into the rain and didn't look back. That was the last time anyone ever saw her.

26. "She died doing what she loved: swearing profusely."

27. Her life is on the rocks, a young person learns that she can make any person happy by just pointing at them. Any person but herself. Title: "I Aim to Please."

28. Everyone knows about soul mates. What they don't know is soul enemies.

29. As my story came to a close I realized that I was the villain all along.

30. An anti-social girl discovers that she can lead her body and explore the "astral world", and alternate reality accessible only to sprits. As she spends more and more time in the astral world, her life begins to fall apart.

31. "I was seven years old when my teacher told me that the most colorful incests were also the most venomous ones and I was sixteen years old when I looked in to your green eyes and realized that he had been right all along."

32. Write about a character who can't laugh.

33. Write a scene that takes place immediately after a tragedy. Don't mention the tragedy.

34. These vegetables came from a special garden and gave anyone who ate them magical powers.

35. You are a twelve years old son of a professional assassin. Describe what you observe at home.

36. "Children shouldn't play with guns." "Who said I was playing?"

37. A couple visits a fortune teller who reveals that they will have three children. The first will never reach full potential. The second is destined to conquer the planet. The third child will stop the second child.

38. Waking up with a dagger pointed at your throat is exactly as terrifying as you'd think it is.

39. You've been waiting for an hour. She's never late. Something is wrong.

40. She blames herself for the battles. I blame myself for the war.

41. "Kill the child. It's the right thing to do."

42. "Remember boy, history is written by the victors."

43. It wasn't my idea to destroy it. But it was my job to get it done.

44. The kind of girl no one would go looking for.

45. She never spoke, never made a sound, but the look in her eyes told me exactly what was about to happen.

46. They said I couldn't make it this far. I wish they had been right.

47. Comatose in her hospital bed, she could hear every word they said. She wished she couldn't.

48. You lifelong friend has a knife in their hand and is slowly advancing on you.

49. She sat in the emergency ward, wondering why it had been her that was spared.

50. It was all a blur. A very fun violence-filled blur.

How To Start A Novel

Hey everyone! I know it's been a little while since I've posted anything on this site, but you know how life is. It's been pretty hectic, but here I am with a brand new topic: how to start a novel.

Find an idea. That's the first step. You can't write a novel without an idea as the foreground. I suggest either using things that you may have gone through in your life as a small seed. Slowly began to water it with possibilities, questions, settings, etc and see where it takes you. If that's not good enough, then search Pinterest for writing prompts or head to Google. I know I've gotten my fair share of ideas from simple writing prompts.

Once you jump over that first hurdle, congratulations. You now have a starting point to your novel.

Now the outlining. Give your idea some thought after you've jotted every little thing that you've managed to come with. Of course everyone's different and you might just dive straight in without a plan, but I prefer to have an outline with the basic things I want in each chapter. From there I just let the words flow. Your chapter outlines don't have to be super long and detailed, but there should at least be enough information for a good foundation. Figure out what it is your wanting in your story like say for example, a girl who is into drugs since that's all she's been around. Well, find a way to take that story line and turn it into a full fledged story. You could talk about her outings all the time and the way people may not treat her the way they should and it all connects to little incidents in her childhood that turned her into the person she is today and each memory ties in with the future. You just have to think and use your imagination.

Plot/Theme. What's your main plot? What are you going for? This is around the time when you can start revising your outline slightly and look for little things to add or fix. It's a little to soon to have a theme to whatever you're writing, but if you have a slight idea, that's a pretty decent start.

Setting. Maybe not as important, but it's nice to have some idea as to where you want your characters living. I recommend not using a place you've never visited. It's a little hard to describe a place you've never been to or lived in before. It might be best to use a place you've been to multiple times and you have a pretty good idea of the layout, or maybe where you live. It won't kill you to have your characters living in the same area as you. That or you could create a small desolate town in the middle of nowhere. That also works if you aren't really in the mood to say what state they're in or the country.

Characters. Ah, now this is my favorite part of the whole process to be honest. I love designing characters and I coincidentally always make them slightly like me. It's so not on purpose. Now, as for characters start with a name. It could be a random name that you just love, or you could try to find a name that intersects with what your books about. That's always something fun to do, so I recommend researching names on the internet and looking through baby name sites until you find the right one. Once that happens, try getting as general idea of what your character looks like, their personality, etc and expand soon after into minor details the normal person wouldn't notice and delve deep into their psyche. You might not use every little detail in your novel, but at least your character will feel more like a person rather than a cardboard cut out.

Titling. Now for some this is easy, but for me, this is can be a real pain in the ass. I don't recommend fretting over a title before you've even started the story. It'll come to you as you move forward with your story. You'll probably find a line you love or even a theme or mood you notice throughout. If that doesn't work, try looking for song titles that seem to fit in with your book or take a glance at the lyrics. Don't stress over it to much, so until you come up with a title, either use a working title or put it down as 'Untitled'.


Now it's up to you to take everything that you've created from the basic little outlines you've created and now you have the keyboard (or pen and paper. Whichever you prefer) at your fingertips. You can create a brand new world or inspire people with your words. Just have fun with it.

*Don't forget! First drafts aren't always perfect, so ignoring the inner critic, just write until you hearts content until editing time. At that point, let God have mercy on your soul, because editing is a bitch.


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Writing Quote

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Book Review: Hater by David Moody

My birthday recently came up a few weeks ago, and my parents decided to take me to this store called Hastings. I don't know if where ever you live, you guys have this store but it's amazing! They have everything imaginable in there. Anyways, so I had some birthday money to spend and I decided to look in the book section since well..I love to read. I got two books (not including Hater) and purchased them and all that good stuff.

So I eventually decided Hater would be the first book I read since why not? I do have to say before I move on to the positive things about this book, that there were some adult themes sprinkled throughout the book that I personally had to skip, so if you are my age or you're uncomfortable with reading this type of thing, then this is your warning.  The summary about the book itself was a little hard to grasp when I first picked it up, but after reading the book it was pretty easy to understand once you went back after finishing it.

As for the positive stuff, the plot was AMAZING!!!!! No, more than amazing. SPECTACULAR!! I loved it! It was everything I wanted in a book (since I love horror and mystery) and I couldn't put it down. I think the best part about it was that it seemed to dig deep into the more negative emotions of society and ride on it. Hatred and anger were the key points being focused hence the title "Hater".

The story starts off with the point of view with a side character and goes into detail of the first "hate crime" to occur in this rollercoaster of a book. It's gritty and very detailed and it had me a little disturbed if I had to be completely honest, but I love feeling disturbed. Then the story goes to talk in the main character, Danny's, point of view. Danny works in a dead end job with a crappy boss that he doesn't like. He has a wife and three kids and lives in a dangerous neighborhood inside of a crappy apartment.

After that you start to see the world fall apart as the hate crimes spread and as Danny and his wife witness each happening. Occasionally, throughout the book, we leave Danny's point of view to witness more hate crimes occur.

It gets even better after that, but because I don't want to spoil the end for all you amazing readers out there, you're going to have to go buy it yourself on Amazon.

Now just so I can get you even more hyped about this book: it's a series. This means more madness to come.

I was so satisfied with this book, I would go buy the second in a heartbeat. I would give this a nice ten out of ten.

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All Your Fault

Based off a Pinterest prompt

‘Crunch’ ‘Crunch’
‘Caw.’ ‘Caw’
I shivered jumping at each sound I heard. I used my left hand to fix my coat as I continued on.
‘Crunch.’ ‘Crunch.’
The wind tussled my dirty blonde hair making it get caught in my lip-gloss smeared lips. I brushed it back and heaved the object behind me forward slightly.
Swatting branches away from my face, I stepped into a small clearing. The moon’s ethereal glow shone down on the small pond illuminating the water’s surface. The ground surrounding it sat dark and mysterious.
Hidden deep in the shadows.
I let out a shaky sigh, letting my body move forward with the dead weight behind me.
It’s funny really. A walk in the woods used to be a comforting thing to do. A nice place to escape from the outside world for a few hours at a time.
I finally stood in the middle of the clearing and let my right arm drape limply at my side letting go of the dead weight behind me.
Now that I’m dragging a dead body through the woods, it doesn’t seem as comforting as it used to be.
Ignoring the wobbling sensation in my legs, I grabbed the shovel tied onto the covered figure.
My hands shook as I tried to grip the faux wood handle tightly.
Swallowing, I placed my boot claded foot onto the metal part of the shovel and pushed it down into the dirt.
Bringing the first mound of dirt onto the once shiny metal surface, I got to work.
I sniffled as I threw my shovel to the side glancing down at my handiwork.
Glancing into the shallow hole, all I could feel was the stain of guilt on my soul as a tear bubbled down my cheek.
Shuffling my feet around the hole, I slowly made my way towards the covered up figure. Bending down, I removed a corner of the black comforter. I felt my eyes brim with tears and my breathing sped up ten-fold.
Wide hazel eyes stared into my own. Unblinkng.Unseeing. They were in a state of eternal fear.
Dirty blonde hair lay tussled and frizzed from the constant friction of the blanket. I let my glove claded hand gently caress the now ice-cold skin signaling the immenent ruling of death.
A small tear ran down my face and landed on the girls cheek. It rolled off slowly as her expression remained the same.
“ I’m so sorry Hailey. I’m so sorry I didn’t protect you like I should have.” I swallowed.
Having to take a second to breath, I made sure my throat didn’t feel as clogged up before speaking once again.
I hung my head down in shame as I took a large shaky breath.
“ I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you from dad. I was supposed to protect you. If you see mom up there tell her I said hi okay?”
I bit my bottom lip.
“ I love you sis. Wish me luck. I should see you soon. “ I said with a grim smile.
Covering her face back up, I stood up with one fluid motion and threw my sister in the makeshift hole.
I winced as her limp body connected with the cold hard ground with a loud thump.
I finally let the rest of my tears fall in complete silence and eternal agony and I shoveled the mound of dirt I had dug out back into place.
Each mound of dirt that hot Hailey’s body produced a brand new stab wound in my already damaged heart.
I didn’t finish until morning.
My weary body finally made it back to the front door of my run down suburban household that I had grew to love and then to hate.
Bending with a groan, I grasped the doormat so I could grab a silver key laying underneath it. I unlocked the door and stepped inside.
The smell of alcohol and ciggerattes was the first smell that hit me. Yet I didn’t even give a second glance.
I had grown used to it.
Stepping over empty beer bottles and cans, vodka bottles, wine bottles, empty pizza boxes, dirty clothes, and other pieces of filth, I made my way into the family room.
The man who was supposed to be my, our protecter, lay snoring in his recliner. I glared at him.
He was a cold-blooded murderer in my eyes.
He lay in a dirty white tank top and boxers. A bottle half full of beer hung dangerously between his nimble fingers.
Fingers that were once used for care are now used for destruction.
A loud snore erupted from his mouth shaking me out of my stupor. Walking quickly, I made my way down the hallway towards my bedroom. The one my sister and I used to share.
Opening the door, I stepped over dirty clothes, broken wood and glass, ripped blankets, and more trash.
I made my way to the closet on the far side of the room and opened the dirty white door slowly.
It was the only clean part of the house left. It was empty save for a long brown rope tied into a noose.
I gingerly grabbed it off the floor and without really thinking, I threw it over the highest bar in the closet and tied the end tight.
Walking out, I grabbed  an old wooden chair missing it’s right front leg and made my way back to the closet.
Standing on the chair, I stood on my toes and grabbed the rope bringing it down to my neck.
I placed it over my head with ease ignoring the itchy feeling of it against my neck. Letting my hands drop shakily to my sides, I took a deep breath and kicked the chair from beneath my feet.
For a split second I couldn’t feel anything. Like I was weightless. Then as quickly as it had come, it ceased leaving me without air in my lungs.
I struggled, flailing in the air and I could see as my vision continued to darken with each passing second. I felt my mouth gasp for air, but none was coming in.
The last thing I saw was my sister, Hailey. She was smiling. Her green eyes sparkled and her blonde hair sat in waves.
She was just as I remembered her.
I felt her warm embrace as my body shut down.
“Come on Hanna. Let’s go home.”
Then everything went white.
The fan hanging from the ceiling sputtered and jerked causing the occupant in the leather recliner below it to awake.
His bloodshot eyes stared at the dirty white ceiling as he groaned in pain. Streching, he made his way out of the recliner wobbling slightly on his feet.
He grunted. In his rare moment of being sober, he headache pounded mercissley against his skull and he desperately wished for another drink.
Walking into the kitchen and into the fridge, he dug around for a left over beer. When he didn’t see one he squinted his eyes and looked more frantically.
Growling even deeper, he slammed the refriderator door shut and proceeded to ransack the cabinents.
When he didn’t find anything in there, he turned his angry, bloodshot eyes towards his two daughters bedroom door.
“ Hailey1 Hanna! Go buy more alcohol right now!”
When he didn’t get an answer he shuffled forward gripping the counter with an iron grip. He slurred out a heavy coated yell waiting for a response.
Nothing came once again.
Pushing himself upright, he walked even faster through the trash covered hallway tripping and sprawling occasionally.
By the time he reached the door, he was cursing and yelling through the empty house. He rapped on the door with a loud bang.
“ Alright you little shitheads! Go get me some alcohol now or you’re in big trouble!”
When he once again got no answer, he pushed open the door with a bang. It was then in his half-drunken state of being, that he noticed the room was just as dirty as the house. Choosing to ignore it in favor of getting his delicious drink down his throat, he looked around the room with an irritated and angry glance.
He kicked at a pile of clothes in front of him sending them flying into the air. He was about to scrounge around the house to look for even a sliver of alcohol and deal with his incompentent children later, but it was then he heard a faint sound.
It was coming from his right.
‘Creak’ ‘Creak’
He started stepping in the general direction slowly. It was coming from the closet. He stood in front of it and grasped the knob firmly with a smirk in his face.
So this was where the little assholes were hiding.
He opened it.
And it was then a part of him: the fatherly side of him, snapped and he screamed louder than he had ever screamed in his entire life.
What he remembered afterwards made him scream even louder.
He couldn’t stop looking at Hanna’s face. Green eyes bulged out, unseeing. Dirty blonde hair lay sprawled across her dirt smeared face.
When he glanced down at his hands, he couldn’t help but sob. Now he couldn’t stop remembering Hailey.
The way her green eyes bulged out in horror.
The way her hair lay in a blonde fan as she gasped for air.
The way his hands curled around her delicate neck sqeezing the life out of her in a drunken state of rage.
He could remember Hanna screaming in the background.
He remembered the last bit of life draining from Hailey’s eyes. They way she just went limp.
He remembered screaming at a sobbing Hanna to go bury the bitch as he went to go take a nap.
And now he was paying the price.
Now both his daughters were dead.
His twin daughters were both dead.

All because of him.

Monday, May 9, 2016

I Didn't Know The Feeling Of Love, Then I Met You

Based solely off a poem I wrote for English that spawned into something more.

I did not know what the feeling of love is was like
To feel the terrified beating of your heart
To feel the breath in your chest start to hike
To watch as they walk away, allowing your heart to restart

I did not know what it was like to have them consume my thoughts
At every waking moment, day or night
I did not know what it was like to stare at them and be caught
I did not know what it was like to be in the dark and have them be your only light

I did not know what it was like to see the world in color
So bright, it seems to burn your eyes
All the colors in the world to me seem duller
I did not know what it was like to feel affection and sigh

I did not know what it was like to have your heart flutter like the wings of a dove
For I did not know the feeling of love.

And then you came along
In all of your magnificent glory
Singing a joyful song
And through that you told me a story

You were someone unique
Someone I could never be
You had a light everyone sought to seek
And I watched you. Seeing

I was always that girl in the back of the class
Reading books as an escape
That girl who had a heart made of glass
And I stared at you in awe, mouth agape

I wished for you to see me
That’s something that could never be

Many months passed with no introduction
I knew everything about you
You seemed to be like a poison. A perfect cause of destruction
And yet you knew nothing about me. You never do

I watched you move on with life
As I sat in fright
This filled me with complete strife
As I watched you continuously flee from my sight

And suddenly one day you came up to me
With that bright smile on those charming lips
You asked me to go on a date. It was more like a plea
I couldn’t say no. I had dreamed of this.

So we went to the movies and I had a blast.
Slowly we got together things moved fast

I realized something as time went on
I never knew how to love
Love to me was more like a con
I knew the feelings, but for years my heart never fluttered like a dove

Until I met you
Then things took a brighter turn
I never knew how this could really feel. I never had a clue
It always seemed like an inferno set in my body. Something that always seemed to burn

You showed me how to love
To know I was always able to
You showed me to the clouds and above
You made my head spin and you still do

So I thank you
For helping me understand my ability to love was true

I love you

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Book Review: Unwind by Neil Shusterman

So I just recently finished reading the first book of the Unwind series and I have to say it was a really enjoyable read. I'm the type of person who is pretty picky about what I choose to read, but I have to say it kept me on the edge of my seat. I ended up getting a chance to finish it in my French class since we had a lot of free time and I absolutely loved it. I'm actually reading the second book, UnWholly, right now which is pretty good so far.

Onto the actual book itself, I loved how the characters were teens themselves (which I always do since I'm a teen myself) and I loved how during the whole book in general their overall characters seemed to grow and mature as more hardships were thrown their way, but they still kept their personality's in the mix of everything.

Then even better was how original it was! I've never seen something about kids at the age of thirteen or older are instead unwound instead of aborted at a young age. There body parts are then sold around the world for people who eventually will need them later. Those are for the Unwinds however.

As for tithes, they are forced to be unwound because of religious purposes and are brainwashed into thinking this is their life in general. This is what they were meant to do. This was something I also found slightly interesting about this book.

As for the characters, Conner, Lev (full name Levi), and Risa are all AWOL Unwinds/Tithes looking to escape their fate until the age of eighteen. Conner and Risa are Unwinds while Lev was a tithe in the beginning.

They go through this whole major adventure, get saved, and go through another major one until the end of the book. I'm choosing not to give the rest of the book away, because I really want you to read the book and I know how it feels to get the whole book basically ruined for me. I hate it and everyone who is a bookworm like I am hates it too, so I'll spare you the anger.

I actually ended up hearing about this book because of a short film on YouTube named Unwind, which I really think you should check out and when my friend finally told me months later to give it a try, I did and I absolutely loved it.

If you like dystopian/adventure novels like I do, then this is a really awesome read. If you do like the first book, give the rest of the series a try.

The book is about 384 pages long and it's only $9.99 for Kindle, $7.31 for Paperback, and $13.92 for Hardcover on Amazon. I definitely recommend this book. As for a scale of 1-10 this deserves a 10.